The Art of Forethought :: Advice For Photophiles Planning their Vermont Wedding Day


There is something undeniably fairy-tale about a wedding.  The romance, the pomp and circumstance, the dress, the first dance, these all point towards bigger themes of union, and the beginning of an adventure. I want to catch that magic in a bottle for you, but I need more of your time.

I have the plans, the outlines, of some amazing shots in my head; shots that I will not take at your wedding.  I will not take them because there won’t be time.  Your wedding schedule only includes an hour for portraits between the ceremony and the reception. That hour includes the time you set aside for family photos.  By the time lighting is established and the right people are assembled in the right location, when those portraits are finally captured, we might have 20 minutes left together, and you’re dying to hit your cocktail hour.  Some of the shots I’d love to do for you might take 20 minutes just to set-up.  I understand that for many, the scenario I am describing sounds perfect.  You aren’t looking for the shots in my head.

This post is really for the rest of you; those of you who are looking for something a bit more creative, more deliberate, more artistic.  Maybe I need to set up several lights to articulate a certain vision, or we have to jump in a car and drive to reach an amazing vista.  All of it takes time. I wanted to show you the kinds of things we can do together when the rush slows to a walking pace. How? Add an hour to our session.  I’m yours for the day anyway, right? Be brave.  Let’s do this!

Say the hotel suite where you are getting ready has really harsh light and you decide you hate the color of the walls?  I can fix that:


Perhaps you’re getting married on a golf course, but you’re really a lake girl? By all means, let’s jump in the car.  The afternoon sun at the lake would make perfect highlights in your hair, and I’ll provide the rest.MEG

Maybe the gray, drizzly day is making the city streets depressing, but there’s this field just over there…RHI-4RHI-3RHI-2RHI

You see where I am going.  If you also love the idea of a deliberate, intentional bridal portrait session and would like to talk about it, give me a call. I only had female models for these shoots, but this kind of thing goes for the men too.

I’ll leave you with a few more ideas that dance through my head. I’ll be adding more as time goes on!MEG-6MEG-5MEG-4

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