Jess and Pat :: Married at Mt. Snow, Vermont :: Vermont Wedding Photographer


Wow. Choosing these blog photos was HARD.  More accurately, ONLY including these photos was hard, because it seems like every frame from the whole wedding was filled with someone laughing, loving, dancing, cherishing, or good-naturedly-harrassing someone.  It was a good problem to have, and was not surprising in the least.  Jess and Pat and their friends and this mountain; they’re all deeply intertwined with childhood laughter, helicopters, back-scratchers, out-of-bounds tree-bashing, and falling in love.  These guys have been coming to this mountain for decades with their families. They met each other here, took long weekends together here, dared to dream about a life together…here.  It’s only appropriate that they should be married right here and surrounded by the people who made them who they are.  Jess and Pat – my very best wishes for a lifetime of love, happiness, and fresh pow.


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