The right light for the moment – Bridal portraits for your Vermont Wedding

Bridal portraits are some of my very favorite shots of the day. There’s a special anticipatory energy that rises between the time you’re finished getting ready and the time the ceremony begins – and I love to capture that. It almost always comes across in the eyes, and I like to accentuate that spark with dramatic lighting.

The first two photos demonstrate what I love to do when time is tight. I look for a north facing window with curtains. Why north-facing? Because the light from a north-facing window is indirect; it has bounced around outside before spilling in the window, and never comes directly from the (harsh) sun itself. The curtains help me to shape the light and shadows, to create an intimate moment. Here’s JamieLee at the windows of the Town Hall at the Basin Harbor Club:

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And here is Emily, by the living room window of the Twin Mountain Farms B&B in Middletown Springs:


Sometimes the windows where you are getting ready won’t be quite right for this look, but I can create it myself with a flash and the butter-soft directional light of a deep softbox pulled in close, like I did for Betsy here at the Inn at Baldwin Creek:

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There are so many reasons why your wedding day will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and beautiful photos like these will help you come back to those feelings all over again.


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